Women in Science

Ginger Rogers did everything that Fred Astaire did, she just did it in backwards and in high heels

The life cycle of Humankind revolves around two genders but it would seem like the women are always downplayed in their roles as equals. They are often underrepresented, underpaid and sometimes neglected compared to men, according to UN official reports, women representation is 2 out of every 5 individuals and women earn cents on a dollar. But even in the height of such imparity and disproportionation many brave, hardworking and bright women stepped up to counter the narrative that women don’t only belong to the modern world, the women refused and defied these clichés and proved their worth through their practical example.

Women have done wonders in almost every single field but for so long they have not been acknowledged let alone been appreciated. Some of us won’t even believe their role in a mainstream field such as Science.

Because those clichés have become so normal that the idea of Science and women seem like an estranged, but it’s not true in any sense. Women have done as many wonders as men themselves in the diverse field of science, even better they were the pioneers of many things at which men failed.

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What Women have contributed to Science?

If we talk about Women’s contribution to science then we will be doing it for a very long time because the list is so long. Many women have invented, resolved, discovered and reshaped some of the very technical and important stuff that it reshaped our world entirely.

Let’s talk about a few of these bright females and their inventions

Margaret Hamilton
Margaret was an American Computer Scientist who led the technical team of the Apollo Space program. She was the first female director of a wing at NASA. Her algorithm helped in putting the first man on the moon.

Katie Bouman
Katie Bouman is also an American Computer Scientist who is an expert in computer-based Imagery, she became a worldwide sensation in 2019 when her algorithm formed the first-ever image of a Blackhole. A discovery that was so unlikely that many great scientists didn’t even think about it but Katie made that possible.

Grace Hopper
Grace Hopper was also an American Computer Scientist, she was one of the first computer programmers at Harvard. Her contribution led to the invention of the first linker which later became the first-ever computer. And how computers revolutionized our world is a whole new debate.

These are a few examples, nothing compared to the actual number of female scientists who have contributed a lot to this field. And this is something that needs to be acknowledged and respected. And one way to do it is to highlight these female scientists and their contributions to Science. With this goal in mind, My Science Boutique presents to you a special collection of T-shirts proudly acknowledges women’s in science and their great achievements. Some special days have been gazetted to embark on women and their contributions like International Women’s Day on the 8th of March It may not be a lot to do but it’s a start. Our little expression can change a lot.

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