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“There was a time when it was called a miracle; now it’s just simply called Science.”

Science is no less than a miracle itself. Honestly, who in the medieval time would have thought of flying, making communication with people on the far end of the world, accessing the whole world with a simple click of the finger accepting and diagnosing viruses and disease, curing those deadly diseases with a needle. But in the 21st century, it has all become a reality. It has become such a norm that we no longer get fascinated by the magnitude of these perks. Once there was a time when all these things were considered as Godly or an act of God, but now, thanks to Science, these are just Science’s Gifts.

What are Science’s Gifts to humans?
If we really ought to start counting what Science has given humans and what it has changed, then the list would be something close to infinity. Part of the reason is that Science was not born out of some phenomenon, nor was it invented in a day or two. It evolved from centuries to a millennium, and during all that time, Science contributed to the welfare of humanity through countless gifts. Those gifts could be the perks of flying, riding an automobile, or accessing the world through a small device. It would be impossible to discuss all those gifts, so here are few which are hard to miss and has a great significance in our life.  

Empowering Science Supporters with Coolest Science Outfits

1. Flying
Imagine talking about flying some two centuries ago; people would’ve called you crazy. But here we are in the 21st-century, flying. Science has made it possible for us to fly. We didn’t just stop at our sky we went far beyond that and explored moon and stars too. This all happened because Science made that possible for us.

2. Medical Contributions
People used to die because of a small bacterial infection in the first quarter of the 20th century. Now medical science has evolved so much that the disease like smallpox, polio, measles are almost eradicated. We are fighting a battle against cancer, heart diseases, AIDS at a full force. The life expectancy has increased from an average of 29 years in the 17th century to a current average of 75 years. These are the gifts of Science that are saving human lives.

3. Technological Advancements
The 21st century was called the century of IT and didn’t disappoint. Alone in the first quarter of the 21st-century Humans have made such revolutionary advances in IT, people now can access the whole world using the internet, and a mobile phone can shop online without actually going out or using actual cash. It has all been made possible because of Science.

Science is no less than a miracle, and its time for us to embrace it like one. While on the one hand, the outputs of science such as healthy long lifespan, wireless world, plenty of excellent quality produce are routinely enjoyed by the society, on the other hand, is the dividing gap between the profession of science and the society on issues such as vaccination and climate change.

Despite the clear evidence of the importance of science to society, the challenges facing the scientific community are on the rise. These challenges include uncertainty of funding for scientific research, administrative policies going against the scientific recommendations, tough job market, and stress and exhaustion associated with life as a researcher.

So, to highlight the role of science in society, My Science Boutique is empowering supporters of Science with a fantastic selection of science-themed clothes. Celebrate the gifts of science to society with these fantastic science T-shirts, science dresses, science skirts, science leggings, and kid’s science clothes. It’s always courageous to stand up for something you believe in, and as a follower and believer of Science, let’s embrace it once again.

These science outfits are perfect science gifts. Make a day memorable for a STEM graduate by giving a science-themed outfit as a graduation gift and don one on for a graduation ceremony; nothing will make a STEM graduate feel prouder. Speak up for science by wearing these outfits to rallies for Science and the Environment. Encourage discussion about science by wearing science outfits celebrating incredible scientific achievements, such as the first-ever image of a black hole. Wear these outfits to science communication event and celebrate your love for science in every which way you can!

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