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It’s the 21st century, the century of advancement, innovation, and science. It is beyond discussion that science has changed the human life and this earth for good and the wonders done by Science are beyond any count.

But still, even after so many centuries of Science’s contributions, its existence and wonders are questioned. Some will even go the extent to question its existence. It wasn’t a long ago when people use to defy medical science and vaccination, later that taboo turned into the denial of Information and technology and now many deny the greatest environmental threat our planet has ever faced. The deniers love to attribute these wonders of science as the devil doings or some sort of conspiracy perpetrated by some evil people who want to control the world, but is it?

The simple answer to these questions and theories is a simple “NO”. Of course not, it’s not the doing of a conspiracy or an evil power that’s just simply science. It is the doing of hundred of thousands of students of science, their hard work and commitment.
People often get the wrong message and then they not only tend to believe it but they also convey it to others which leads to mass misconception and this needs to be changed. And one of doing it is to promote Science Communication or SciComm.

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What is Science Communication (SciComm)?

Putting in simple words, Science Communication is the name and practice of introducing and educating masses to simple-to-complex sciences so they can learn. It includes sharing endowment, explaining scientific processes and raising awareness of science-related stuff.

Basically, science Communication lets people know the basics of science and its inventions. So, basically how exactly Science Communication helps people know more about science, well there are different techniques such as:

Documentary is a powerful and an engaging way to promote something or to convey the message, the Scientific society have been using this tool to promote science and its phenomenon to people who like to watch rather than read.

Seminars and summits are also one of the most growing and pragmatic ways to promote science and its values. Annual conferences and summits at International Forums such as Paris Climate Accord, UN Environmental Agency or Devos Summit is a powerful way to convey Science’s role in our society

Many authors and storytellers are contributing their fair share in promoting Science using their content, books, novels or movies. Their efforts have helped in making Science more mainstream and accessible to the public.

Science is becoming more mainstream and accessible to masses, but still many remain untouched by its virtues. Alone this serves the base for the many people to believe in devilish powers and conspiracies for the wonders happening around. This can be resolved if we could bring awareness to them too.

As being a long-time preacher of Science, My Science Boutique offers its contribution in conveying Science’s knowledge to people. For that My Science Boutique brought you Science Communication shirts and Science Communication T-shirts for you to wear, this will create a clear impression and will provide a great exposure to the Science communication.

The Science Communication shirts and dresses are perfectly designed to be worn at events such as Science March and other summits.

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